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Meeting Your Needs

GSG Corporate is not just a freight forwarder – we are your one stop solution for the safe transport of radioactive materials.

Our logistics experts can handle any high demanding transportation job, shipped by road, rail, sea or air to get the material where it needs to go.

Some of our areas where we offer our services:

Front-End Logistics
At GSG Corporate we can move nuclear materials from the mine to conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication facilities wherever located in the world. As nuclear front-end shipping specialists, we work closely with all involved stakeholders to transport everything from Uranium Ore Concentrates to Fuel Pellets and Fresh Fuel Elements.

Back-End Logistics
GSG Corporate have large experience in moving waste materials related to the nuclear fuel cycle.
Our specialists can manage, categorize, and provide packaging where required for your shipments to meet all regulatory requirements in any country in the world.

Various Logistics

GSG Corporate also ships on a regular bases all kind of radioactive sources all over the world related to:
   - Medical facilities (radioisotopes and high active sources)
   - Industrial facilities
   - Contaminated tools for maintenance and inspection of Nuclear Power Plants

GSG Corporate offers as well consultation services in following areas:
    - Regulatory compliance
    - Transportation plans made to fit the job
    - Transport feasibility studies
    - Package validation support and sourcing
    - Lashing plans for safe and compliant securing of radioactive materials during transport
    - Analysis of various permit requirements
    - Supply Chain Optimization
    - Etc.
Freight Insurance
Air Carrier Booking




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